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Celebrating #LeadersQuest and the #MemorialDayWeekend charity promotion at #EmpireKred

May 30, 2016

Earn More Money from Home!


Presenting a MASSIVE Memorial Day Sale — with new pie, balloons packed with 250,000 eaves, and sales everywhere you turn. Best of all, 20% of every sale goes to support to help fund video game care packages for US, NATO, and ANZAC troops.

JOIN the Leader’s Group during the sale!!

(If you need to apply for a scholarship, contact (e)Nance. You will ONLY have to pay $50 if she can match you with a donor in the last few days)

** Stock up for [X]PendaPalooza starting FRIDAY June 3.

Fun and Networking at #EmpireKred

** You can still get the acheivments and eaves by doing all the days of Leader’s Quest if you missed any up to May 31!!

Photo: Hard to do couple selfies!  LOL

Bruce and Sally Witt

We want to help you reach YOUR dreams and goals for income online!

We think that Working @ Home is the SMART way to success!

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