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Brain Tumor Awareness May 19-24

May 19, 2017

Empire Kred

This month, we’ve determined to benefit The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) at the suggestion of their social media Ambassador, our own (e)TUMORWARRIOR.

We will be giving grey ribbons, there will be shop sales including badges, with 20% of the proceeds donated to ABTA, there will be small contests… and there will be a BIG CONTEST!

Brain Facts

Battle of the Influencers for #BTAM

Sign-ups for the Battle are now being accepted in the Grey Matters! event community. This thread is where you enter your ticker to be assigned to a team.

Teams will be assigned Friday, May 19, up to the beginning of the contest at 12 AM Eastern Time, Saturday, May 20.

Here’s what we can tell you now:

  • It will be a team contest. You sign up to play, and you will be assigned to a team. The team chooses its captain and determines how to use its…

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How to Combat Certainty in 5 No-so-Easy Steps

December 29, 2016

Make It Your Problem

Certainty lays itself at our footsteps, across our thresh hold, in our email inbox and crams itself tightly into our heads. It robs us of creativity because ‘ a conclusion reached becomes a conclusion held.’ We conduct pseudo-experiments, gather strings of garble data, and hearken back to the theories of great scholars without so much a howdy do. The research confirms a suspicion and aligns with a desire and so it becomes a premise and then a fact. We continue to measure it and make it sacred. It can never be questioned, doubted or checked for its current relativity. Charging down the path towards an expectation, the certain choices lead to a specific and potentially altogether wrong destination. The surprise we feel when the findings, response or sales are chalked up to something else. We must have misread the data. The focus group was biased. The communication collateral wasn’t clear…

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Pensiero del Giorno 13 Ottobre 2016 – Quote of the day

October 13, 2016

Manlio Mannozzi


Pensiero del Giorno 13 Ottobre 2016

“Non è quello che guardi che conta, ma quello che riesci a vedere!!!”

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau

Meditate Gente, Meditate!!!!

Sailfish And Bait Fish | Photography by ©Alexander Safonov.

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Pensiero del Giorno 12 Ottobre 2016 – Quote of the day

October 12, 2016

Manlio Mannozzi


Pensiero del Giorno 12 Ottobre 2016

“Guarda in alto verso il cielo, perchè non troverai mai l’arcobaleno se guardi in basso!!!”

“Look up to the sky You’ll never find rainbows If you’re looking down.”

 Charlie Chaplin

Meditate Gente, Meditate!!!

Pandas In Love | Photography by ©Longxi-Hongkou.

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Pensiero del Giorno 11 Ottobre 2016 – Quote of the day

October 11, 2016

Manlio Mannozzi


Pensiero del Giorno 11 Ottobre 2016

“Giudica un uomo dalle sue domande piuttosto che dalle sue risposte!”

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”


Meditate Gente, Meditate!!!

Squirrel And A Camera | Photography by ©Giedrius Stakauskas.

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The Ma Machinima Salon 2016

October 3, 2016

On October 7, my new movie ‘Activate Your Higher Mind’ is premiering in San Francisco, California. The show is an exclusive event, if you want to attend you need to contact me so I can …

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Influencers: Raise your voice, raise awareness of Childhood Cancer

September 29, 2016

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s use our considerable influence to end the month with a wave of posts and tweets to give this issue a powerful boost. Did you know? Just in…

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